ENVIRX enables organisations to manage their risk based material environmental impacts in an integrated manner, enabling GRI G4 EN Standard management and reporting requirements according to the processes defineD in the ISO 14001: 2015 standard. ENVIRX uses the same dynamic framework to measure, trend and report on their impact area, i.e. Materials, Water, Energy, Biodiversity, Effluents and Emissions amongst others.

These environmental impact areas are managed from a strategy and policy level; enabling leadership to tracking performance against environmental laws, regulation and permit compliance conditions as well as to the organisation’s own objectives. Specifically meeting improvement targets and efficiency initiatives. This structured environmental information flow process allows for EFFICIENT management and enables leadership to make informed decisions to minimise Environmental risk, identify opportunities and improve environmental performance.


  • Reduction in audit costs.
  • Leadership can monitor the effectiveness of ENV strategy and the adherence to top management environmental risk appetite.
  • Reduced sustainability and integrated reporting cycle time and associated costs.
  • Visibility of compliance areas and the organisation performance in meeting these conditions.
  • Visible monitoring performance.
  • Visibility of carbon, water and waste footprint and the performance of improvement and efficiency initiatives.
  • Increase business ability to comply with environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Proactive management of environmental risks and opportunities.
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