There are two sides to addressing cybersecurity in any organisation: through enforced security systems, policies, and procedures, and the people who play a significant role in upholding them.

Your organisation can take several steps to reduce security risks and vulnerabilities created by its people.

Increase Security Awareness

Most of the time, security risks and system failures can be addressed through increasing the staff’s awareness about security protocols, instead of simply adding more rules and restrictions inhibiting access to the systems.

Employees need to understand the link between technical measures, organisational procedures, and human behaviour, and the importance of developing a secure working environment.

Develop a Strong Security Culture

Building an effective security culture is key to raising the levels of awareness and understanding of cyber risk and its many forms.

It starts with changing employee behaviour and attitudes towards security protocols and policies throughout the organisations.

Just as company values are important in shaping an organisation’s culture, security principles should be embedded in a company’s security framework.

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Compile Security Risk Scenarios

A security-focused action plan for the entire organisation is essential in handling and analysing your teams’  various responses to different situations concerning security risks.

Start with the assets and the threats most relevant to your organisation. Determine a clear set of actions for each probable scenario, and use the insights to improve security in your organisation.

Focus on ISMS Training

The implementation of an information security management system (ISMS) for the organisation is an effective and collaborative step towards creating and enforcing security awareness using one common source.

The ISMS integrates and manages all security procedures and safety risks linked to the company’s activities while maintaining compliance with the latest international security standards.

Effective training on a centralised security system minimises human errors, reduces the need for multiple security audits and interventions, and significantly decreases operational and security costs in the long term.

MSX Cyber, part of the XGRC product range, assists organizations to drive performance and compliance with its integrated information security management system built on the ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Information Security framework.


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