Too often, companies underestimate the importance of having proper measures regarding health and safety in place. The most important thing, here, is to remember the human factor – you can have all the measures in the world in place, but never underestimate human behaviour. Always anticipate it and try to guide it.

In yesterday’s blog, we looked at some tips to keep safe at work. Here are the rest of our 10 basic rules to follow to ensure a safer, healthier work environment.

  1. Never take chances

Ignorance and carelessness Is like playing with fire – taking shortcuts is like shoving your hand into the flames.. No matter how much time you think you can save by taking a short cut, it’s not worth taking the risk of really getting hurt or putting others in harm’s way. Saving a minute can cost a lifetime, so rather follow protocol and the established procedures – they were put in place for a reason.

  1. Learn to lift the right way

Lifting is one of the number one reasons for people getting hurt in the workplace. It is not about strength – it’s about working smartly and using your body the right way. Lift from the knees and the hips; and make sure the weight is kept close to your waist, so that your whole body is supporting what you are lifting. If you need to lift something heavy or with an awkward shape, rather ask for help. A back injury is a lifelong companion you do not need.

  1. Reports make a difference

Make sure you report incidences, broken or defective equipment or any unsafe areas or incidences. Paperwork can be a pain but not as painful as someone genuinely being hurt because you failed to report a threat in time.

  1. Don’t be a prankster

The workplace, especially one such as a kitchen or construction site that has hazards at every turn, is not a playground. Leave the horseplay for after work in a safer environment where people won’t lose an eye or worse if one of your pranks go wrong. Keep the workplace a serious, thoughtful and alert one.

  1. Be a part of the safety plan/programme

Set an example by following the safety plan at all times, and show people who are doing something wrong how they can do it right. Share any ideas or insights you might have – this will expand the plan and eliminate threats previously unnoticed. The safer we all make the workplace, the better for the entire team.

Our SHEQX (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) management solution aggregates SHEQ data in a single, auditable database and manages analysis and reporting effectively, ensuring effective compliance and a more robust approach to corporate sustainability.

While you can never discount the human factor when putting health and safety preventative measures in place, luckily you can count on Strategix’s health, safety and environmental solution to make sure the technical side is covered.

The health, safety and environmental (HSE) solution aggregates health, safety and environmental data in a single, auditable database and manages analysis and reporting effectively, ensuring effective compliance and a more robust approach to corporate sustainability.

Strategix HSE is an integrated management system with links between all modules within our solution.

  • Employee information
  • Incident management
  • Audits and inspections
  • Action manager
  • Risk management
  • Permits, licences and legal appointments
  • Document manager
  • Training records
  • PPE management

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